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Estate Plan - Guides and FAQ - good review topics

Some have already mentioned the Fidelity estate planner. After looking at it, one has to login first, no problem.
For our needs I have used Nolo com for many estate questions and even bought several of their books for probate and handing executor duties. You may want to review.
The Fidelity site, "Estate Planner" after login does offer Quick Guides and FAQs that cover a lot of material in one place. I did not enter my information into the web page, but mainly looked to learn. I also noticed in the browser tab a timeclock (16:35 minutes until your session ends). This is Windows 10, Microsoft Edge. If I change to a new review area, the timeclock seems to restart. This is a very extensive webpage area for fidelity customers.
Again, I did not complete any of the "Plan", but just looks around. You may want to do the same.
Thanks, I had not been aware of this Fidelity feature.
Checked it out. It seems to want to match me with an attorney. I already have an attorney.
Has anyone found a direct link to the Estate Planner?

After Fidelity login, I am able to use Fidelity search to find estate planner. An alternate was to use browser search for "fidelity estate planner". It seems to be part of wealth management.

My concern is still how much information Fidelity is gathering from us, where it is stored and what Fidelity will change in marketing to us.
Some things are better left to the lawyers than estate chasers  Big Grin
Read and read and read until you are pretty sure you know what you want.
Find an attorney who is experienced in setting things up as you want them or who can give you a better plan. Once you are off your attorney's beaten trail, there is a chance for mistakes and the hours mount.
If you have inherited property that is off the beaten trail, consider going with attorney, probably in the area of the inherited property, that has handled similar or same situations.
Had good attorney and he did a wonderful job with my mom, but we were off his beaten trail.
The other day one of my cousins asked if there was a tax in the Northwest for inheritance. Under the Quick Guides, then Wealth Transfer Taxes (left side), I found that their State did have a tax (at bottom of listing). There was no gift state (Federal amount is $15,000/person for no tax). I think there are 17 states that still have inheritance taxes. There were a few words I did not understand like portability (transfer unused exclusion to spouse), but the site has a pretty good glossary. I think they too will plan to talk to a parent about the probate process and realize it is state specific. It was nice to be able to share and help my family.

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