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FGDFX - Fidelity Disruptors Fund

FGDFX is a new fund that M* places in the large blend category. I have been "test driving" the fund in my 2020 Challenge Portfolio over at the M* Discussion Forum with very encouraging results. Comparing it to SPY over its short history shows an excellent risk/reward profile, however the mangers are unknown to me:
                   Total Return    Max DD    Sharpe     Std Dev
FGDFX             25.8%         -3.1%       3.0           16.0
SPY                 13.4            -6.1          1.7           15.5
According to Fidelity, the fund's "disruptive strategies seek to identify innovative developments that could signal new directions for delivering products and services to customers. Generally, these companies have or are developing new or unconventional ways of doing business that could disrupt and displace incumbents over time. This may include creating, providing, or contributing to new or expanded business models, value networks, pricing, and delivery of products and services."
Normally, FGDFX invests in assets of five Fidelity funds that concentrate in the following areas, respectively:
- automation
- communication
- finance
- medicine
- technology
I am considering using this rather intriguing new fund in my personal portfolio, perhaps up to a max. of 10%. Would appreciate comments or suggestions from investors in the fund, or others who may have followed or have knowledge of the fund.

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