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Roth conversion while in high bracket. Is it ok?

I know many say it is wise to do " back door" conversions to roth. They also say to convert while in a low tax bracket. How about this scenario....Suppose you are in 24% tax bracket federal and 6% state tax. Suppose you are also expected to be in the same tax bracket in retirement. Also, may be in higher bracket (if fed raises tax rates in future) Also suppose you expect to be heavily pension and traditional IRA when retired. So, almost all taxable income when retired.. My thinking - You need tax diversity when when retired. This will provide more flexibility. I know the math is overly simplistic, but $1 dollar of traditional IRA is at least close to 70 cents in a roth. The taxes on roth conversion would be paid from taxable broker account and "savings" during the year. I am not looking for a huge conversion....just small...in the name of "flexibility" in the future...
   I agree that Roth conversion would be a good idea for you. However, it seems most people don't. I won't go into a long detailed analysis, but will say that I have thought long and hard about it, and I am aggressively pursuing a policy of full (100%) conversion of my T-IRA to a Roth IRA. I am 76, retired many years. Just wish I had started the process much earlier.

    My suggestion to you: Don't restrict your conversions to a "small" amount. Go in as hard as you can afford now. Pay attention to the naysayers arguments, but give more weight to the potential flexibility and the emotional satisfaction of reduced taxes in your later years.
I am thinking like you, but having trouble going hard or more aggressive due to taxes now. I will be aggressive as possible though....

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