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What is your favorite high income dividend stock?

I am looking for stocks that pay a high dividend, say more than 6%, with a minus amount of risk. One that I know of is LADR. What do you have in your portfolio?
My individual stocks that meet your criteria.

MAIN -- BDC, Long term hold. Monthly dividend doesn't meet 6% criteria, but semi-annual specials push it over 7%.
GAIN -- BDC. Long term hold. Monthly dividend. ~7.9% yield. This also includes semi-annual special divs. (6.4% without)
ARCC -- BDC. Short term hold at present, may or may not keep. ~8.9% yield.
NRZ -- Long term hold. This is an mREIT the same as your LADR. I'm not sure what a "minus amount of risk" is. I also realize risk tolerance is determined by the individual investing. That said, I don't see any mREIT being a minimal risk. I just happen to prefer NRZ in that segment.

These are not a major portion of my portfolio as they only make up ~8% of the total. I also own several other dividend stocks that yield less than your 6% criteria. Those others, combined with the above, make up ~40% of my total portfolio. As I near retirement, I'm trying to build a base to provide sufficient income to without dipping into my principal. I may add to some of the higher payers above when that time comes, but for now, I just DRIP the returns.,
NYCB is paying about 5.7% yield. This stock's growth has been limited as it had to sell off loan portfolios to remain under the $50B SIFI limit. The government just passed and president signed legislation that has raised SIFI limit to $200B. This stock's earnings will start growing again and investors will receive 5.7% dividend to go along with higher in stock price driven by higher earning. Great opportunity 30% return over next couple years .

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