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Anyone using Fidelity FidSafe for storing Estate Planning digital documents? Thoughts

Has anyone tried this product and what is your opinion of it?
I wasn't even aware of it until you brought it up.  May have to investigate it a little, although I'm not sure I would want to go this type of route.
I have used it for the entire year. It is very, very convenient and free; and it appears to be safe.
I like the passwords and important documents in one location. I do not utilize it to the full potential however....maybe one day.
I do not like the fact that passwords have to be stored individually (one-by-one) rather than being able to store a master list.

I do have all of our estate planning documents stored in FidSafe.

My worry is that it's not something I use very frequently at all - having once uploaded everything to FidSafe to get started, I fear that it will get forgotten about as the years pass, especially since there is no direct connection to my Fidelity accounts/login.

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