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When should I take my pension?

Been a lurker here for a while and appreciate the valuable info and discussions that occur, very educational.  I'd appreciate some thoughts/input on the following...
I have a pension from a previous employer that I am now eligible to take (eligible at 50 years old).  I'm currently employed and do not need the money.  The plan is well funded and appears to be stable.  Below is the breakdown of what the monthly payout would be based on the age I take it.  For example, if I take it at 54 I'll receive $606 per month.  In the event of my death my spouse will continue to receive the pension at the same amount.  I've run through some numbers based on taking the pension early and saving/investing the cash versus waiting for the monthly payout to go up.  Would greatly appreciate any input and additional things to consider from those with more experience with this.  As an aside I'm targeting 62 for retirement.  Thanks much.


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