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So are there any parts of the stimulus bill that help you?

I think I make too much and I didn't lose my job, so I don't think my family will receive anything. We don't really need it. I just wish my investments would go back to where they were.
They will. Apparently, today, Dr. Fauci said that if the Cvirus does what other viruses do, then it will go dormant with warm weather. AND, if it comes back in the fall, we will probably not have to stay at home!

And, if the market can overlook the horrendous unemployment numbers today, and focus on the Fed's promise to do whatever is necessary, then we may get a V shaped recovery. Remember that the market generally does not go straight up, but does go up over time. Patience
Retirees are eligible for the $1,200 payments if their federal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) doesn’t exceed the thresholds listed earlier; if their AGI exceeds those thresholds, then that $1,200 amount starts to phase out (by the calculation I referred to in an earlier post — a 5% reduction in the $1,200 for the amount by which one’s AGI exceeds the threshold).

So, for example, if your AGI exceeds the threshold by $1,000, the payment would be reduced by $50 (5% of $1,000), so you’d receive $1,150.

I read — I think in the Wall Street Journal article, not in the bill itself — that people who receive Social Security benefits that are automatically deposited to a bank account will receive the stimulus payment in the same way.

(This goes more into the mechanics of how the payments will be made. The article said that taxpayers whose bank account information the IRS already has — such as, for example, either to make tax payments or to receive refunds — will also receive a direct deposit to their bank accounts. If the IRS doesn’t have this information, and if the person doesn’t receive Social Security benefits or other federal benefits that are paid directly into a bank account, then the IRS would have to send paper checks, which could take longer.)

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