401k Calculator

401k contribution limits 2019

401k contribution limits 2019

Our 401k tool allows you to quickly see the impact of changing in salary, contributions, market return and age. Retirement might be just around the corner or it may be 30 years down the road. Planning our your retirement is important, if you’re wanting to retire comfortably. Check out our other financial calculators that will help you get your finance in order and retire in comfort. Using this 401k savings calculator will get you there! We also have an excel retirement calculator that allow you a lot more in depth views and scenarios.

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When you are planning for retirement and you have a 401k retirement plan at work, using a 401k retirement calculator can help you determine how prepared you are.  Our web based retirement planner calculator does, and how it can be a simple and fast way to view your current and future 401k retirement plan savings:

Information needed for 401k savings tool

Using this tool will help you with retirement planning by making sure you have a large enough nest egg. Our web based IRA calculator does, and how it can be a simple and fast way to view your current and future 401k retirement plan savings:

In order to figure out your future individual retirement savings plan, start off by entering your current situation. You may even find a free retirement calculator that would let you input your 401k information.

This is the information you will need to enter into the tool:

  • your current 401k retirement plan balance (Starting Balance)
  • annual salary
  • 401k contribution % of salary
  • your age
  • a Conservative 4%, Moderate 10% and Aggressive 14% interest amount (Market Return)

Simply insert the above information into the retirement tool as best to your knowledge, and the data below will auto populate.

Results from the 401k planner

The results from the simple IRA calculator should show a year by year’s estimate of growth for your 401k retirement plan. Also, the results depend upon how much you are investing, when you begin investing for your retirement and the current and future inflation rates. You should also consider that borrowing against your 401k retirement plan can affect how much your income will be by the time you retire.

Tips on using a retirement calculator

A 401k retirement calculator is a fast and easy way to see how much you are going to have saved up by the time you retire. However, results from using a retirement calculator is not an exact number. If you want more accurate figures, it is wise to seek the advice of a professional financial consultant to plan your future.  However, if you’re looking for a cost effective solution, check out our retirement planning membership.  This will give you access to a number of different excel based calculators that can run a number of different scenarios will getting you on a plan.