Online Financial Calculators

From Becoming Financial Independent To Planning For Retirement, We Have A Calculator For You!

Stock Profit & Loss Calculator

Our simple and easy to use stock profit calculator allows you to quickly see the profit or loss from the sale of stock. You can also run few a number of different scenarios to see the impact of a changing stock price will have on your bottom line. The stock calculator requires four quick inputs from you.

72t Calculator Early 401k Withdrawals

Thinking about retiring early?  See how much you withdrawal without paying an early distribution penalty!

Debt Assessment Calculator

Quickly & easily assess your financial health.  Improve your financial situation & become debt free!

Credit Card Payoff Calculator (Snowball)

Looking to payoff your debt?  This calculator allows you to add all types of debt and any additional monthly payments.  Then creates a debt payoff plan that can easily be exported to excel or e-mailed.

Budget Calculator Simulator

Need help creating a budget?  Whether you are planning for retirement or on your path to becoming debt free this tool will help you create a budget.

How Long Will Your Savings/Retirement Last?

Want to know how long that savings and/or retirement account will last you?  The savings & retirement calculator will break it out by days, months, and years.