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My Journey To Financial Freedom Retire Early – FIRE

The term “financial freedom” can mean different things to different people. To some people, at its most basic level, this may be the point at where household income exceeds expenses. For yet others, it may be the loftier goal of completely debt-free living (yes, your mortgage is a debt – so no mortgage). Lastly, some would consider financial freedom as having enough money to retire to a small Caribbean island and spend the remainder of their days relaxing in the white sand.

For me, financial freedom means several things. First, it means not having to work for someone else. Second, it means taking charge of my finances, so that my money is truly working for me.  This will require me to be actively and aggressively involved.  This means that I will not just passively put my hard earned money into a savings account earning 0.4% interest.

Finally, financial freedom really translates into life freedom. Among other things, “life freedom” means:

  • I are not tied down to any particular geographic location
  • I am free to vacation whenever I please
  • I will not spend most of my waking hours performing skilled tasks focused on one niche service

I’ve been working on a plan that I hope will get me there in the next 8 years. This means by the time I’m 40, I’ll be able to liberate myself from some of the most constraining forces that hold down millions of families right now.

I will be sharing with you my progress (giving my financial perspective) and providing you with the financial tools to make this simple.  Our debt snowball worksheet will help you understand your debt situation, while creating a customized plan for you to payoff your debt as quickly as possible.   Whether you’re just starting out or already retired we’ll have something for you.

About Me

Achieving Financial Freedom & Early Retirement

Over my lifetime there has been one quote that my Dad has mentioned at least 1,000 different times.

“You have two choices!  You can work for your money, or you can have your money work for you!”.

For most this is easier said then done. After receiving my MBA & B.B.A Finance I decided to created this site to help others with their path to financial freedom.  I hope to do this by providing useful tools, resources, and personal experiences.  Click Here To Continue Reading…