Credit Card Payoff Calculator

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Summary of Added Debt Accounts
Name Account Type APR % Min Payment Balance

Online Debt Payoff Calculator Tutorial

Steps 1 & 2

  1. Start off by enter all of your debt accounts in order from highest APR to lowest APR.Account Name: This can be whatever you want to call the debt account.
    • Account Type: Select the type of debt.
      credit card payoff calculator walk through part 2

      Steps 3 & 4

    • APR %: The annualized percentage rate
    • Minimum Payment: For installment loans such as car loans, you will just use your monthly payment.
    • Balance: The current balance of that debt account.
credit card payoff calculator walk through part 3

Step 5

2. Click the Add Account button. After clicking the button you'll see the information you've entered has been added to the Summary of Added Debt Accounts. Repeat step one until all of your debt accounts have been added.

credit card payoff calculator walk through part 4

Step 6

3. After completing step 2 you'll have the option to add an extra monthly payment to be applied towards your debt. Next the Results Table Display allows you to select how many months you want the Results table to display.

4. Click The Run Calculator Button.

5. If you expand the results table you'll be able to see a break down of your debt reduction plan. *If you want to copy to excel. Highlight the table and click copy. Then open excel and click paste.

6. The dashboard will now display an overview of the information you enter.

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