Credit Card Payoff Calculator

How To Use The Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Setting Up The Credit Card Payoff Calculator

1. Start Date:  Enter the date you plan to starting paying off your debt.  We recommend using the current date or a date in the future.

2. Click The Update Debt Accounts Button:  This will bring up another window, which will allow you to add the credit card(s) and/or any other debt you want to payoff.

3.  Adding A Credit Card or Any Other Type of Debt:

  • Debt Account Name:  Here you can enter the name of the account (example "Chase Freedom Credit Card").
  • Debt Account Category:  Select the debt account category that closely fits your debt type.
  • Minimum Payment:  Enter the minimum payment or the installment payment.
    • Note: Use the fixed monthly payment for installment debt (car loans, student loans, personals loans...)
  • Interest Rate (APR) %:  This usually ranges between 3%-29%.
    • Example: If your Interest Rate was 14.99% APR  you will enter 14.99
  • Current Balance:  Enter the current balance of the debt.

4. Click the Add Account button after you've filled out the all of the information in step 3.

5. Repeat steps 3-4 until you have all of your debt accounts list (limit 8).

6. If you need to change or delete an entry select the line from the list and click delete.

  • Note: If you enter information incorrectly you will need to delete the entry and follow steps 3-4 to add the correct information.



Using The Credit Card Payoff Calculator

7. To view the dashboard click on Debt Dashboard tab.

8.  Get your