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Best Credit Cards Rewards – How Does Yours Compare?

Over the years, I’ve simplified my credit-card usage to just a few reward cards. My main goal was to rake up rewards as much as possible, without having to remember a complex algorithm to decide which card to use when.

Not that I’m too stingy and trying to collect changes, but I dislike leaving money on the table, especially when a couple of one-time habit-changes/steps can increase annual cash-flow by at least several hundred dollars, if not more. At the same time, neither I nor my family members (additional card-holders) are inclined to carry a lot of cards together with a mini-manual. I use cards heavily for over 80% of my total expenses (notable exceptions being the property tax and a few small recurring/annual payouts).

I wanted to share what I do and also get input from others as to what they follow:

  1. All gas purchases anywhere are with a card from 4.25% or more cash value depending on how one redeems
  2. All travel-related expenses and restaurant/dining-out are with Costco Citi Visa card): 3% cash-back
  3. [Under Consideration] Amazon Prime Visa card (5% cash-back), given our increased purchase from
  4. Fidelity Card for most everything else (including #3 at this moment): 2% cash-back

Notable choices made:

  • I used to have a Shell card for 5% cashback at gas stations, but discontinued it since this is available only at Shell gas-stations
  • The switch from AMEX to VISA has simplified this further as AMEX is still not accepted in a few merchants we use
  • Stopped using “rotating reward category” cards (e.g., Chase gives 5% on 3 category of expenses, but the categories change frequently).
  • I prefer getting cash or equivalent as reward than “in-kind”, due to the flexibility
  • I learnt that x% reward does not necessarily mean x% cash. The reward points may be diluted depending on what is being redeemed
  • I noticed that over the last few years, many online payments, including most utilities, are now accepting credit card auto-payments without any extra fee. Previously only a bank account was possible.
  • I’ve left the other cards as is, and use them sporadically if needed (e.g., foreign travel)

What do you think? Anything you’d like to share from your experience?

Credit Karma Review

Credit Karma Review – Free Credit Score

About Credit Karma

It’s conceivable to buy access to credit reports, scores and checking administrations through each of the huge three credit-reporting organizations: Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian – however, these can include weight month to month expenses and “free trials” frequently have hazy fine print. Government law commands that everybody has the privilege to one free credit report from every organization per year, in the event that you ask for it. (You need to apply through the Annual Credit Report website, the official credit report site, and your score is excluded.)

In any case, does Credit Karma really provide a FREE credit score? The San Francisco organization established in 2007, shook things up by offering free progressing access to credit scores and reports from the Trans Union and Equifax. You join with, yet don’t need to enlist a Mastercard as you regularly should with the expectation of complimentary trials on other different sites.

Once you are enrolled, you can track your credits as regularly as you prefer. Credit Karma likewise gives free online devices and data to offer you some assistance with understanding your score, with particular activities, in view of your profile, say decrease your credit use or enhance your on-time installments that you can take to enhance it.


  1. It is completely free,
  2. People can make money with the app,
  3. It is said to be secure because Credit Karma is a legit service. Moreover, the app has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and has only a few complaints against them,
  4. Currently, it is the most popular ad service,
  5. No trial memberships,
  6. Score are updated monthly.


  1. Not too many additional features,
  2. Only monitors the Trans Union and Equifax bureau credit,
  3. No physical credit report included.

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

You’re most likely thinking about how Credit Karma profits in the event that they don’t charge you for their administration. It’s a genuine thing to ask. From all that I have seen, they have right around a similar plan of action to In the event that you have agreed to Mint’s administration, you will get partner offers that could conceivably spare you cash. It’s a type of publicizing. Credit Karma has precisely the same: promotion based offers from various partners.

You can choose regardless of whether you really need to get these offers right on the sign-up page under correspondence inclinations (and you are even quit as a matter of course). I value the straightforwardness and that I did not need to locate some mystery unsubscribe link somewhere down in the site some place.

Are There Training and Tools Provided?

1. Free credit scores

Credit Karma provides you with your free Trans Union financial assessment upon sign-up, and you can update your free score on a month to month premise on the off chance that you decide to (you need to do it physically). They likewise give financial assessment following after some time so you can perceive how your score has changed every time you upgrade your score.

There’s likewise a pleasant “Credit Score Simulator ” device to perceive how diverse moves you make can influence your score, either negatively or positively. A few samples would be getting another advance, charge card, parity exchange, and so forth.

2. Daily alerts and credit monitoring

Credit Karma will screen your Trans Union credit report on a daily premise, and alarm you of any noteworthy changes which could be an indication of identity fraud or robbery. They will just screen one of the three credit authorities through the Trans Union. To screen each of the 3 departments you should, however, look at the premium administrations.

3. Credit report cards

They have a component called a “credit report card” that is truly only a fast outline of your credit report and how you are “reviewed” from different perspectives. You can’t really see the subtle elements of your credit report since it’s not a full report, only a report card. It is a decent element, however, you are additionally utilizing different techniques for review your full credit reports.

Are Members Offered Support?

The Help Center from the website offers several ways to help you with your queries. They do have some common questions pre-answered, and also a community where others may help you. If this is not enough, you can contact the member support team, but only through a message.


Credit Karma is free for your enrollment – anyway, you will be subjected to notices for different things such as Visas and advances, or upgrading to a fully highlighted credit monitoring administration from another organization. This is the value you pay for this administration.


Credit Karma is a legitimate get path for customers to access their Vantage Scores and credit reports for nothing from Equifax and Trans Union. They keep on adding so as to enhance their site and item offering more components. I discover their credit observing elements the most supportive, I can watch out for two of my credit reports without a moment’s delay and see which Visa agencies are doing a hard draw from.

In case you’re uncertain about whether is Credit Karma a scam, my recommendation would be to try it out to perceive how you like it. It’s totally free and you can simply scratch off your record in case you’re no content with the administration.

Fidelity Credit Card

Fidelity Credit Card Review

The fidelity credit card has a lot of great perks. The Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Card gives you 2% cash back on all purchases.  In additional, they have a promotional offer where if you spend $500 in eligible net purchases within 90 days of opening the account you’ll earn $100 cash back.  During the first 12 months you’ll receive an introductory APR of 0%.  After the 12 month promotion your rate will increase to 15.49% APR for purchases & balance transfers, while cash advances will be at 25.49%.

Pros & Cons of The Fidelity Credit Card


  • $100 bonus cash for signing up
  • 0% APR for the first 12 months
  • 2% cash back on all qualifying purchase
  • No annual fee
  • You can easily transfer your cash back into a savings account, checking account, and most fidelity manage accounts (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Rollover IRA, SEP IRA, and 529 College Savings Plans).

Things To Consider:

  •  25.49% APR on cash advances (introductory rate doesn’t apply)

Final Thoughts on The Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Card

Fidelity has one of the better rewards programs that’ll you find out there.  For those who have trouble savings, this card makes it super easy to transfer your earned cash back into a savings/investment account.  If you don’t plan to take cash advances out, than I would recommend this card to you.